Covid-19 in SLO and How to Stay Safe

Protect yourself and others by wearing masks

Protect yourself and others by wearing masks

Jannah Al Defaaei, Writer

Covid-19 cases are rising in Cambria, with 31 current active cases. Case numbers in Cambria were originally low, but incoming tourists could be the reason for a rise in cases over the last few weeks. However, if locals are not careful they can cause harm as well. If a Cambria local comes in contact with a tourist who is potentially infected with the Covid-19 virus, the virus will inevitably spread. Fortunately, there are many things locals and tourists can do to prevent exposure and spread:

-Wear a mask

-Do not touch your face

-Do not have over six people in a room at once

-Cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough

-Stay a safe distance from others (six feet)

-Use hand sanitizer

-If you are uncomfortable leaving your house, companies like DoorDash can help you with grocery shopping.

All of these preventative measures have been promoted by health professionals from the World Health Organization. According to WHO, there have been over 24.5 million in the world. Statistics show that if people do not follow health professional’s advice, this number will continue to rise. Health professionals claim that if every American wore a mask for two months, the virus can be under control. Wearing a mask, washing your hands, keeping a safe distance, and using a hand sanitizer when needed will help Cambria stay clear of more cases.