Busy Summer For Cambria!


Karolina Lizaola, Writer

Many Cambria locals thought that because of the Coronavirus outbreak, the summer of 2020 was going to be extremely hard. Taking into consideration that the tourism industry sustains Cambria, fewer tourists would mean a decline in business and fewer jobs for people in town. However, this summer had everyone in for a surprise! 

After a three-month-long stay home order, “It seemed like everyone was anxious to get out,” said a long time employee from one of the hotels on Moonstone Beach Drive. In addition to all of Cambria’s usual attractions, the low number of cases in SLO County may have been a large factor that attracted tourists to the area. The same hotel employee said, “There was an occupancy flare in the middle of July, and through August that no one was expecting.” Some even said that this was the busiest summer for Cambria in years! 

Locals who visited downtown Cambria this summer would see the surprising amount of people enjoying all that the small town offers. Now that summer has come to an end with Labor Day weekend, it does not seem like business is going to slow down anytime soon for Cambria.