There Have Been 71 additional Coronavirus cases added to San Luis Obispo County During Labor Day

Andre Bedard

According to, there were 71 people that tested positive for coronavirus in San Luis Obispo County over Labor Day Weekend. This is a pretty significant spike since this happened within a day. The county now has had 3,145 cases and has 2858 cases. This is showing residents that the community as a whole has not done enough to make it out of the purple tier. The purple tier is considered the Widespread Tier which is the worst tier and the goal is for every county is to get to the yellow tier meaning that the coronavirus cases are minimal. Since SLO County is in the worst tier, this shows the County is not doing nearly enough to reduce coronavirus cases. In addition to the 71 current or active cases, the California Men’s Colony, which is located in SLO County, has 9 coronavirus cases showing that coronavirus tests are being looked over for inmates. Residents of SLO County must do more as a community and a county as a whole to bring down the county’s cases.