Amazon Rainforest Fires Continue to Grow


Jannah Al Defaaei, Writer

Fires continue to emerge in the Amazon Rainforest leaving many ill due to air pollution as humans, animals, and the Earth’s climate are greatly affected by the forest fires. Forest fires in the Amazon grew at an alarming rate in 2019 and continue to rise in 2020, causing multiple conflicts to emerge. 

The Amazon’s large area covers many South American countries, namely Brazil, and is often vulnerable to deforestation by humans eager to use the fertile land for agriculture. Illegal mining and logging is blamed for the majority of the fires, which tripled compared to the September fires of 2019. Natural factors such as strong winds and climate change play a role in the spread of the fires from a small perimeter to a greater region. 

Regaining the lost trees will be difficult, as “It is an immense area that has been burned and consumed by the fire. And we still have another two, three or four weeks without rain,” says Fernando Tortato, who lives close to the fires.

The loggers and miners held responsible for the forest fires share different viewpoints. Some believe the forest is theirs to burn, while others claim that they mean no harm as they are merely trying to expand land to grow food they need to survive. This conflict affects many elements related to the Amazon. 

In the Amazon Rainforest, indigenous groups depend on the forest’s land for survival. Having no contact with society other than their own, the indigenous people of the Amazon are particularly vulnerable to the forest fires. 

The Amazon is also home to many species of plants and animals, of which some are becoming endangered due to the environmental change. Around 200 Jaguars, for example, have been killed or injured due to the fires. Attempts to save animals from the fires are important to many.

“We feel a little discouraged, but we try to have hope to rescue the few animals we can,” said veterinarian Karen Ribeiro.

 On a larger scale, the whole globe is being affected by the continuously emerging forest fires. The Earth’s climate is harmed by many things, however the large capacity of carbon dioxide caused by the large fires has a huge effect on Earth. 

The Amazon Rainforest is responsible for a very large production of oxygen, thanks to the trees. The decline in trees and increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is a direct contribution to climate change, the large-scale shift in weather patterns. Climate change then affects humans, animals, and plants over time.