South Korea’s President apologizes for death of citizen killed by North Korean troops

South Korea’s President apologizes for death of citizen killed by North Korean troops

Jannah Al Defaaei, Writer

South Korea’s President Moon Jae In apologizes for the death of a South Korean who was killed by North Korean troops. The incident occurred last week and resulted in an outrage of criticism and anger in South Korea. The South Korean government takes full responsibility for the incident while the North Korean government blames the person who was killed.

South Koreans were not only angered because one of their own was killed by North Koreans, but also because Seoul allegedly wasted many hours in an attempt to find the South Korean official, only to find him dead on Tuesday in North Korean waters. This incident caused both leaders of the countries to speak out.

President Moon offered his “deep condolences” to the family and emphasized that the government is “without any excuses” responsible for the safety of their citizens.

North Korean Leader Kim Jung Un apologized for the incident as well, however he put the blame on the man who was killed. 

Kim says that the man “refused to answer questions and attempted to flee before North Korean officials fired at him.”

North Korea also accused South Korea of sending vessels across their maritime border while in search of the man’s remains. South Korea, on the other hand, claims that they only searched south of the border and did not intrude into the north. This alleged intrusion could possibly lead to more tensions between the two countries.

Later on, South Korea proposed a joint investigation between the two countries of the shooting. “Our hope is that this tragic incident doesn’t just end as a (tragic) incident and instead creates room for dialogue and cooperation, becoming an opportunity to develop South-North relations,” Moon said.

This incident originally caused tension between the two nations, yet could lead to stronger relations in the future. In the end, President Moon continues to apologize and explains it was an “unexpected, unfortunate incident.”