How Effective are Face Masks?

Andre Bedard, Writer

Face masks are essentially a mandatory item that must be worn around the county. Since we are one of the counties with widespread coronavirus cases, how effective are face masks, and do they really prevent the spread of coronavirus? Since coronavirus has prevented us from doing many activities we tried to find ways to do these activities in a safer way. The main way is to use a mask. We do not have a full understanding of how effective masks are, but if we especially for people to have proper education schools have used masks in order to safely teach-in person. For students like us understanding the effectiveness of masks is highly important for our safety. Nina Bai, a reporter at UCSF, claims that “the first five days after the [mask] mandate, the daily growth rate sowed by 0.9%” (Para 15). She later claimed in the article that after three weeks the growth rate was slowed by 2%. This is a significant piece of evidence especially for school districts to understand if we could even end up back at school and what safety precautions we should take. Bai proceeded to interview Chin-Hong where he claimed that “You will still benefit from wearing a mask even if you don’t have COVID-19” (Para 18). I believe now we have a basic understanding of the effectiveness and benefits of masks and that they could be used as a great safety precaution and could be used as a way to get back to in-person education faster than we expect. If you would like to represent your school while staying safe, Mr. Hartzell is seeking CUHS face masks and they are available now!