How to Gain Social Justice During Quarantine

Rory Cloward

During the COVID-19 outbreak, it has been an eye-opening experience to be quarantined. During this “Covidcation”, a series of events have occured. This quarantine just so happened to be the awakening of a revolution. People of color have been fighting for their rights.

  After a series of police brutality and racism, people all over the world have fought for social justice. 

The definition of social justice is, “justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.” Google.. Saying that everyone should be given the same opportunities. For example, if a Black man and a white man apply for a job, and they both provide the same qualities. But, the Blach man gets the job for once. 

Social justice is something that has been fought for since Rosa Parks, since Martin Luther King Jr. and we have not stopped searching for it. But since this outbreak of COVID, it makes it a bit harder to fight. There are several ways to fight for social justice.

First, the protests haven’t stopped with the pandemic, so a good way to help work towards achieving social justice is to attend the protests. But, to stay safe, bring the following: a mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer. Also, it would be smart to keep a 6 ft distance from others. It is still possible to support Black Lives Matter while still being safe! It just might take a couple of thoughts for others’ safety. 

The next thing that could be done is, educate yourself and others. There are many people who are anti-racists but there are still many racists. Learn about racism and all the hate in the word from segregation and oppression, spread the word, post on your social media and help others be educated. 

Signing petitions is one of the safest ways to gain social justice because it can be done anywhere. If you truly want to help people gain justice, sign as many petitions as you can, they are literally everywhere on the internet. Also, if  something isn’t covered by a petition, start a new one. Be the voice! 

Other ways to support this cause are:

– grab that mask and go support some black owned businesses or any business that might need a little pick me up after Covid when customers aren’t coming to eat that much

.-If someone is being racist, or rude to a person due to the color of their skin, stand up for that person. It helps when people look out for each other and it shows the good parts of people. Stand up and be the voice.