The Struggles of Distance Learning


Joselin Esparza

Many students quarantining due to Covid-19 have been struggling with distance learning. They have difficulty with not being as organized as they usually would be if they were in class since they can get easily distracted. They also struggle with being able to understand a lesson and learning new things since they can’t learn physically. “A struggle I face a lot during distance learning is that i’m not very organized and I find it difficult to be able to focus and tend to not feel motivated,” said Edwin Esparza, a sophomore in high school.  Students also get very frustrated and anxious when a teacher doesn’t respond to an email in time as they said they would. It’s not only hard and difficult, but it is also very sad and tough, especially for seniors because some of them were not able to have a graduation and this year’s seniors are now facing the same struggles. A college student also said “It sucks because I don’t get my money’s worth. College tuition is expensive and doesn’t seem worth it for just video chats. What sucks is the social aspect. Doing everything from home doesn’t give us much of a social life with people with the same mentality as us we do in a university full of people of similar majors”. This quote shows how children, teens and even adults struggle with  learning online. On top of doing online learning, they have a social life and most have jobs. Therefore, it makes it harder to juggle school, work, and any side hustle. 

Not only do young adults struggle but so do parents who have younger children. For example, parents who have children in elementary school and preschool mostly have to be next to them due to them not being used to sitting down looking at a phone or any type of device without messing around. Also, this puts a strain on the parents because they have to ask for days off or get off of work early to help out their kids. Most parents have to be standing right next to their kids to make sure they aren’t getting distracted and making sure they hop on into class. However most parents struggle with the internet. Children cry because they’re not used to sitting down for many hours in front of a screen; on top of that they don’t learn anything as well as they would in person. In conclusion, we all struggle with distance learning regardless of being a student, parent, or teacher.