New Advice Column: Dear Anonymous Bronco

anonymousbronco, Writer

Welcome to a new column on the Coast Union website, this is a safe space where you can submit things that you feel worried about or just feel like you would like an outsider’s perspective, it is all anonymous of course, I am here for you. As of now since I don’t have any submissions as a fellow student who feels the struggles of the student body of CUHS this year I thought I would share some tips on how I stay sane when I am stuck at home. 

First I know it can be very difficult to stay motivated to do school work when it is very easy to stay in bed and pretend to pay attention. But it is very important that we treat distance learning as though we are in class considering we are still supposed to be learning. My first tip is to have a designated spot to do school work whether it is your personal desk or even just your kitchen table. That way your bed feels more like a reward after the 6 hours of school work that you have been through. Another thing that you can do is get out of the house for a little, once you’re all done with school go on a walk to do something that you truly enjoy doing outside of the house. Go play your sport, go to the beach, or even just spend some time with your friends that way you get a break from the craziness that is the 2020-2021 school year. 

I will start to accept any submissions on anything you need advice on whether it is school, family, or friends. I am just another student at Coast Union but like I previously stated sometimes you just need an outsider’s perspective. So don’t be shy and talk to me!


Xoxo, Your Fellow Bronco

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