Bronco Spotlight: Mrs. Weaver


Brianna Reddell, Bronco Spotlight

Mrs. Weaver (formally known as Ms. Parker), is one of Coast Union’s English teachers. She is loved by most students and clearly has a knack for teaching. In the last two years she’s been teaching at Coast Union, she has happily welcomed students into her classroom during lunch and breaks. She’d play music and wasn’t a stickler about eating in her classroom as long as you kept the room clean. 

Many of her students know about her dog, Atlas, as she often shows him off during class. But they may not know that he is a 142 pound St. Bernard that will only stay in her office if she pets him the whole time. He is 16 months old, so not quite a year and a half. Quite a beautiful dog.

Distance learning takes a while to get the hang of and she misses the laughter that filled her classroom while doing in-person school. While in our interview she explains, “I miss hearing you guys laugh. It’s such a small human thing that is so important for teaching. I don’t like teaching for content, I like teaching for the people.” 

Mrs. Weaver has been teaching for five years in total and he favorite subject to teach is English 1 with the freshmen. Teaching can be very stressful, especially when you’re teaching to a bunch of circles on a screen so in order to relax and wind down, she will often write poetry, read new books, do some gardening, and/or drink tea.

She also likes to cook and her house is never silent, as there is always music playing somewhere. Although she has read more books than you can count, her top two are “MistBorn” by Brandon Sanderson, and “Richard the Third” by Shakespeare. 

We know these are trying times, and the teachers are doing their best to help the students persevere. She gave some encouraging words that she wanted to share to the students that are struggling.

She says, “This is not a time period that defines you. In ten years you’ll be a different person, this is just on step to get there. It’s a constant fight to find joy and hope so don’t wait for it, seek it out.” She also wants the students to know that the teachers at Coast Union really do want the students to tell them what’s going on. They can’t help you if they don’t know you need help.