Will the Christmas Market Be Open This Year? Here’s The Answer to That.

Will the Christmas Market Be Open This Year? Heres The Answer to That.

Joselin Esparza

Throughout March and until now many events have been postponed and/or canceled. Cambria mostly gets packed during the holiday. Many people from all over the world like to come to Cambria to see the Christmas Market. Unfortunately, this year will not be open for the public. Therefore, you will not be able to purchase tickets at the event. 

However, it will be open for those who stay in the pines lodge hotel and in 2 other hotels. The name of the 2 hotels will be sea otter inn and bed a breakfast Patrick house. The event will be from November 27 throughout January 2nd. However, December 24 and 25 will be closed. And of course they have a limit of people and they will have to wear masks and try to keep their distance. Their goal is also to make a huge difference and try to go small with this current situation. Locals have mixed feelings about this year’s Christmas market. For example a local that’s been living in Cambria for 17 years mentioned “ I feel like certain people should go as long as people are following the covid rules and keeping a limit of people“. the pines lodge has not mention what will the limit be and how exactly they’ll be able to keep people from following the rules. Another local from Cambria said “ I’m glad they are finding some way around this pandemic to bring a little bit of joy this year’s Christmas season ”. This year it will definitely make the holiday season very depressing therefore, people are still grateful they will be putting my lights up to bring joy to this small town.