Staying Sane While Distance Learning

anonymousbronco, Writer

This generation is going through something that no one was expecting so let me be the first to congratulate all of you, we have almost made it through the first quarter of the school year. Though It probably doesn’t seem like much, as a fellow student I understand how hard and sad it is to be stuck at home all the time.

With that being said, I know I am not the only one who finds themselves lost in a cycle of nothing. By that, I mean stuck in the cycle of being on either your phone or computer at home all day, and sooner or later you’ll feel the walls of your home closing in on you. So I am here to tell you that it is valid to feel trapped when you are at home all the time. 

I too have felt like this multiple times just this year, I have since then found a way that when I do feel like that it’s important to just simply get out. Whether it’s to go on a walk or drive to the beach and watch the sunset. Sit still and absorb the nice vibes. You can be alone or walk on the beach with a friend or family member. It’s important that in a year with so much commotion you get away to someplace you feel safe and can just relax. 

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t necessarily like the silence then go eat dinner with family or friends no phones no nothing just you and whoever you feel safest with, and stay in the moment. With everything going in the world from debates, fires, etc.,  it can do a lot to one’s mental health. So a moment where you simply just have fun, relax, and live out the rest of your teenage years the best that you can is very important. 

So take this as a reminder that it is no good to go around with so much worry on your shoulders. I am here for you guys. You can ask me for advice on school, family, friends, anything really. I am always accepting submissions.


Xoxo, Lady B

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