Migrants Drown and Go Missing While Trying to Reach Djibouti

Migrants Drown and Go Missing While Trying to Reach Djibouti

Jannah Al Defaaei, Writer

According to the International Organization for Migration, smugglers forced migrants off a boat around the Horn of Africa, leaving eight drowned and 12 missing. 

Many conflicts between different many factors caused the lead up to this affair. The COVID-19 pandemic, Saudi-Yemeni conflict, and the actual smuggling greatly affected the migrants.

The 14 surviving immigrants, believed to be Ethiopian, are under medical supervision, a statement said. 

These 34, in total, allegedly Ethiopian migrants were believed to be migrating from Yemen to Djibouti due to ongoing conflicts in Yemen. Yemen is currently going through the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, leaving many malnourished and orphaned. 

“This tragedy is a wake-up call,” said IOM spokeswoman Yvonne Ndege, in reference to the affair. Many migrants who went to Yemen for a better life received the opposite. Therefore more awareness needs to be spread about Yemen to prevent the ongoing conflicts from growing.

Many bodies were found on Djibouti’s shore, later found and buried by officials. The smugglers allegedly forced some of the migrants into the water and drowned them.

“Hundreds of migrants are leaving Yemen everyday, trying to reach Djibouti, risking their lives, facing exploitation from people smugglers, and in this instance, very tragically, death and injury,” an IOM spokeswoman said.