Paradise Islands Opens Back Up but In An Unexpected Way!


Juliette Garcia

Do you want to travel but feel you can’t because you’ve had COVID? Well… you’re in luck because the beautiful “Fernando de Noronha Island” off the coast of Brazil is now open but… only to people who have had COVID. According to Trip Advisor, this is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This gorgeous island just opened back up on September 1st, so if you’re looking for places to travel but don’t know where this might just be the place for you! You do have to pay a fee of $14 for each day you decide to stay there to get into the island but I think this is very cheap and very much worth it to get into a beautiful place like this. 

“To land on the archipelago, the tourist will need to present the result of a positive PCR test that is at least 20 days old, or the result of the serological test showing the presence of antibodies against COVID,” said it’s administrator Guilherme Rocha on Thursday August 27th. “A PCR test shows whether someone has the virus; the serological test shows whether the body has already developed antibodies for coronavirus,” said Fernanda Wenzel and Rodrigo Pedroso. Fernando de Noronha and a group of volcano islands have been closed off since the quarantine began in the middle of March and it was opened back up but only for the people who own homes there and local researchers on July 31. Rocha didn’t explain why they chose to open up to only people who have recovered from the virus during a news conference, but I can assume that they thought it was safer because once a person overcomes the virus they may not be able to get infected again.