What There Is to Know About CUHS Winter Sports.

What There Is to Know About CUHS Winter Sports.

Juliette Garcia

In this article, you will learn about the CUHS (Coast Union High School) sports for winter. I have interviewed Mr. Crosby the school athletic director and also a math teacher. We covered possible start times of when sports will be back at CUHS. 

Question 1: Juliette Garcia: “When will the winter sports start?”

 Mr. Crosby said “I know football is supposed to start December 14th and the first game will be a scrimmage that will be held on January 2nd and our first game for the season will be on January 9th which will be a home game. All of our football games have to be played on Saturdays this year because we aren’t allowed to play on Fridays because they don’t have enough officials to cover all the games. 

Volleyball practice can start December 7th and cross country practice can start at the same time as volleyball, so December 7th.” 

Question 2: Juliette Garcia: “How will they do things with COVID?” 

“For football, everything will stay the same, we can’t change anything with the game just because it is a contact sport so everything would stay the same. For volleyball, the players and everyone would probably just have to stay distanced and they would sanitize the ball in between each set of the game and send in a different fresh ball and sanitize it as well. Cross country is the sport most likely to happen just because you’re outside running and you can keep a better distance and you don’t have to come in contact with anyone.” Said Mr. Crosby.

Question 3: Juliette Garcia: “How long will the seasons be?” 

“They will only be shorter by about a week or so.” Said Mr. Crosby. 

As you can see there will not be that many changes with the sports if they do end up having sports this winter, everyone will just have to be careful and try their best to stay safe.