Halloween Movie Review

Rory Cloward, Entertainment

The movie, “Hubie Halloween,” written by Adam Sandler and directed by Steven Bill, is a funny, scary movie, that is perfect for this upcoming fall season. The main character Hubie Dubois, is a honest, naive, easily-frightened, caring, middle-aged man living with his Mother. He dedicates his time and pride, for the whole town. Sadly, everyone treats him badly and calls him a loser/other names. October in Salem is their biggest time of year, so everyone takes it very seriously. We all know Halloween is a super fun night for a lot of people, but safety is important. That’s Hubie’s cue. He spends his whole Halloween night riding around making sure everyone is safe. Even though he is the most easily frightened person ever, he will sacrifice his life for anyone in trouble.

Throughout the movie, creepy events occur in Salem, like a neighbor goes crazy, people go missing, and someone falls in love? Maybe more than one. This movie is a good example of friendship and how you should treat people. It shows devotion, and charisma, and some friendship in twisted ways. But, you might not want to watch it with the little ones. It teaches you how to have fun and be safe, with other funny, scary, and exciting life lessons. Watching this movie will for sure get you in the Halloween Spirit! I would recommend watching this 100%, with family and friends. Therefore, grab your costume and candy before watching, “Hubie Halloween,” this season, if you dare!