Happy Halloween From Your Anonymous Bronco<3

Boo! Welcome Back to your neighborhood friendly bronco. This week we are getting prepared for Halloween, because of the circumstances that we are in, trick or treating or all other normal festivities probably aren’t going to happen.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Halloween is canceled, these are some options that are COVID-19 friendly and still fun!

One option that personally I think is always a fun time, make spooky treats with your family and friends, and stay up all night watching scary movies. Take advantage of this time you have with your family considering we are in the last four years of being able to be a kid, don’t take it for granted. Another fun idea, dress up in a Halloween costume and go have a photoshoot with friends or family. This year has some fun trends for spooky picture ideas, from putting a jack o’ lantern on your head to simply putting a sheet over your head. Then you’ll have some great memories of having a fun time during a difficult time in history. Lastly, you can go out and enjoy what the great town of Cambria has to offer. You could go eat dinner in town, then take a walk to see all of the scarecrows the community has put together. Especially for the seniors making plans to go off to bigger cities, it’s time to appreciate all of Cambria.

Again don’t be afraid to leave a submission, it is all anonymous. You can ask about literally anything, and I will do my best to give you some peace of mind on any of your worries. On that note have a safe and spooky weekend and Happy Halloween!

Xoxo, B

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