2020 Halloween plans


Joselin Esparza

Halloween Trunk-and-Treat event planned for North Coast 

Because of covid-19 halloween and many others holidays will be canceled. However there’s still a chance to dress up. Families can attend a Trunk-and-Treat event at the Pinedorado grounds, next to the Veterans Memorial Building, 1000 Main St. in Cambria. The event will be on October 31st from 4 to 6. 

Only 10 youngsters and their accompanying adults will be allowed to enter the grounds at a time from the lighthouse-beacon side of the grounds. They’ll traverse a one-way “circle-the-wagons” loop of properly spaced, parked vehicles with open trunks filled with factory-wrapped and sealed treats. Then the children and the adults with them will leave the grounds via a different route, Bannon said. “They won’t be able to stand there and eat the candy,” she said, but will have to keep moving along the trick-or-treat trail. Admission is $5 a plate to help raise funds for a Cambria skatepark. Wear a costume for a chance to win a custom SKATE CAMBRIA skateboard. People who were able to attend the events mentioned “ the skate Cambria park event did a really good job at organizing the end and the pancakes were really good. It was a fun excuse to dress up”. An organizer of the events said “ it went very well, however, I think we all wished covid-19 wouldn’t be happening”.