Social Media Is Stressful

anonymousbronco, Writer

We live in a day and age where social media is really big. Not only are we isolated most of the time because we are in a global pandemic but also because it is easy for people to hide behind a screen. This comes with a lot of positives like business or school opportunities, opening up to learn a bunch of new things. But it also has its negatives. 

Because it is so easy to hide behind a screen, it makes it easier for people to spread negativity in the world and it can be very easy to get to you. Another negative of social media is seeing all of these unrealistic beauty standards that messes up how people see themselves and each other. Some people get on these platforms to get the positivity they don’t get to see in real life, but it also comes with the worries of how people will take it. 

What should be used to connect people is pulling them apart. So it is important that no matter how hard it is to look away from the comments or whatever it is so addicting about social media, it is super to every once in awhile zoom out and look at the bigger picture because the fact is, there is a lot more to the world than what is on the news and social media. We are living in a world that everything happens so suddenly and unexpectedly, so take this as a reminder that even just five minutes outside or plainly living in the moment off of your phone will do your mental health wonders.

If there is something that has gotten to you or something you simply feel like talking about, submissions are always being accepted and everything is anonymous. Remember to always put yourself and your mental health first.

Xoxo, B

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