How Has Quarantine Worsened Social Anxiety

anonymousbronco, Writer

We have now been dealing with chaos and a global pandemic for over 8 months. We have been isolated for over six months now. Personally, it took a while to get used to seeing my mom all day every day for so long. But at some point I did. It was the new normal. I know I can’t be the only one who at first felt like I was being kept prisoner in my own home but after I got used to it I never wanted to leave. Anxiety is something that is common in teenagers though some do have it worse than others, we all at some point felt anxiety. Personally, mine got a lot worse after quarantine, especially around other people, it didn’t feel natural to go out anymore. Not even going to the grocery store alone felt right.

Social anxiety is something that a lot of people get. Some people also might say that a big factor of social anxiety is social media. Many people feel pressure on the internet that it makes them more scared of the real world. And it is entirely understandable, people can be cruel on the internet like I wrote about last week, cyberbullying is something that teens find easy to do when they don’t have to own up to their actions behind a screen. And that makes it a lot harder for the people who have to deal with anxiety coming from the real world and the internet. 

If you have anxiety to a point where you are not sure if you can’t handle it alone, talk to someone. Whether it is a therapist, mom, sibling, friend, or even me, it is important to talk through your emotions. On that note send me submissions if you wish, remember it’s anonymous. Have a great thanksgiving break broncos 

Xoxo, B <3

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