Coast Union 2020 Events


Joselin Esparza

This coast union year we were not able to have a homecoming or have sports. Many events were canceled or postponed due to the pandemic however coast union still managed to keep the spirit up. Coast union has had a few events that have already passed and future events planned for the future. 

For example, to keep the spirit up Coast Union created a google classroom and every Friday the student can submit their red and gold spirit to get some points out of it. Coast Union FFA has had a movie drive. The parents and students would drive to the barn and park to keep the distance from one another. Coast Union ASB successfully did their first haunted house drive through for halloween. We asked students what they thought about it and a senior mentioned “I personally think it was better than when we have to walk through because it’s hard to see who the person is which made it scary”. The most recent event was Pam Kenyon goodbye drive through. Many staff members and students gathered in a safe way to say goodbye to our P.E teacher that has been teaching for over 28 amazing years. 

Coast Union has a few other events planned for the future. For example, the Junior class is planning a movie drive through on November 18 at 6:00pm at the Coast Union parking lot. The Junior class will be showing Jumanji and everyone is welcomed. Until further information I am not aware of any other events. However, we do know that Coast Union has a lot more plans for the future so stay tuned.