Let’s Help the Homeless


Mike Nordquist started to give to the homeless 2 years ago but soon he realized he needed help. 2 years ago Nordquist noticed his work throws away good food, He then asked about giving the homeless the food. Nordquist’s boss at, Sotos True Earth Market accepted his request and now Nordquist went from feeding one homeless person to 17 people in Cambria.

On Oct 22, realizing he couldn’t continue to do it all himself, Nordquist sought helpers online. In true North Coast fashion, within three days, 18 area residents had volunteered and/or donated to the cause, and he now has about 10 regular helpers on his team. The volunteers help cook and package the foods in their own homes, but don’t deliver the meals that Nordquist takes to the homeless people. 

He’s also requested help washing returned containers, and donations of to-go supplies, such as clamshell and inexpensive plastic containers and disposable utensils, plus paper towels, toilet tissue, zip-top bags, jars with lids and bottled water. For most of the past two years, Nordquist stored at his own home any items that the homeless recipients couldn’t use quickly or cook properly, especially perishables that needed to be refrigerated or kept frozen. Those foods were included in meals that he cooked himself and delivered to his clients. Nordquist gets other donations from Cambria stores such as Soto’s, Mojo’s Village Bean coffee shop and French Corner Bakery. And now community donors are contributing help, food, goods and funds.

 If you would like to help out you can go to www.paypal.me/stonewolf80; get details by emailing [email protected]