How To Celebrate Christmas During a Pandemic


Joselin Esparza

While Christmas won’t look the same this year there are still ways to celebrate it. Christmas can be the best holiday of the year. Families gather together to give and receive gifts, to eat and laugh and maybe even cry this year it won’t be the same, but that also doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it. A few ideas to celebrate could be by inviting less people. 

The less people the less of a risk and less of an argument on the dinner table. Another idea could be checking family or friends’ temperature at the entrance. There are many more ways to celebrate with your loved ones such as: having a zoom meeting. Possibly a drive by event. You could send cards to wish people happy holidays along with baked goods. You could even do a drive by movie theater and watch Christmas movies

. If you do plan on creating a party you should make it easy for your guest. A way to help your guest stay safe and participate in social distancing is by avoiding hugs or any touching. Disinfect everything. Put hand sanitizers on tables, bathrooms, and the main entrance and wear masks. 

Think about the food as well. Ways to protect yourself and others from anything remind members to wash their hands and sanitize them. Another way is to prevent from passing condiments. 

Now the best possible way to care about yourself and others is by getting a covid test before interacting with someone else. Quarantine yourself before you travel and when you do travel stay safe by wearing your mask, gloves and most importantly washing your hands and sanitizing them. Happy holidays and stay safe.