Men arrested in Cambria for mental health crises


On October 5th, 2020 the San Luis Obispo Sheriff arrested and subdued a 36 year old, named Adam Helyar in a small town Cambria . SLO county sheriff’s believe Helyar had mental health issues. They believe he had issues after he allegedly threatened to harm the law enforcement officers and threatened to kill his own mother a few days prior. 

Once the officers realized it was all because he was in a mental health crisis they tried to help him with his actions. However, when Helyar was asked to put his hands in the air, Helyar refused to put them up and began running towards deputies. The officers then subdued him with less-lethal bean bag rounds and were able to arrest him there. The SLO sheriffs reported that Helyar had access to multiple weapons, including a pellet gun, Helyar also had access to two machetes and a folding knife. 

After they arrested Helyar he was being transported by an ambulance to the medically cleared at a local hospital. After the hospital, Helyar was then booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on suspicion of resisting law enforcement officers and making threats. As of right now Helyar is now receiving mental health care while in jail custody. In conclusion, it’s good that the police took action and not only is Helyar in a safe place but so is the community of Cambria.