Fun Activities to do Thanksgiving Break

Rory Cloward, Entertainment

In the entertainment section of this news site,  there are movie reviews everytime. Since, this Fall break is coming up in the next week, I thought of a list of safe activities to do so you’re not stuck in your house bored while taking time off school. As you know, activities have been limited due to COVID-19, but there are still things to do!

Making your family and yourself a meal that is fall edition is a great way to expand your skills of cooking and spend time with your family. It is a really good way to not get bored so easily and a way to make something you have always wanted to. Another idea, every Thanksgiving Macy’s has their parade. Watching it would be a great way to relax and see what’s going on outside. 

Decorating is always a super fun thing to do. It helps clear your mind and make your room look great. A couple small pumpkins, leaves, a festive sign could be what your room is missing. Even though going outside is risky during this time, taking a walk in nature could really lift your spirits. 

Calling your friends and family to check in and have a virtual party could be a great idea. Grab some snacks and get that zoom ready and have a fall party, online. Watching movies is also a great way to be entertained and stay busy. In the last post in the entertainment section, there is a list of festive movies to watch. 

Finally, it could be time to finish or start those projects you always say you’re going to do. With school out of the way, there is nothing in the way of you and the things you want to do. But, there is nothing wrong with relaxing and doing nothing, this is a great time to focus on yourself. Happy fall!