Movie Review, “Happiest Season,”

Rory Cloward, Entertainment

This weeks movie review is perfect for the holiday season. On Hulu, a brand new Christmas movie called, “Happiest Season,” by Clea Duvall. Is about a women who decides to propose to her girlfriend on Christmas morning. Then, soon finds out that she hasn’t come out to her parents yet. With a series of surprises, fights, and jolly feelings they end up having a great holiday. This movie is perfect to watch with your family. It really shows the true essence of Christmas. It proves the point that Christmas isn’t about the presents, it’s the love of spending time with family and friends.

If you are interested in chaotic, classy, and fun Christmas celebrations, this movie is for you! It really teaches you the art of patience, love, and how to handle situations that are just out of your reach. This movie is full of love and family, even though it doesn’t seem like it. It really explains how even though some family aren’t the best at showing their emotions, they show it in their own ways. I hope you watch this movie, I 100% recommend it. Happy holidays!