Top 10 Christmas Movies to Watch

Rory Cloward, Entertainment

There are so many sweet, funny Christmas movies that people love to watch. But how to choose? In this article I will be listing 10 Christmas movies to get you in the Christmas spirit.

Starting us off, the film, “Elf,” by Leon Redbone is about an Elf who doesn’t know that he is a human. The movie continues with him finding his family and restoring Christmas spirit.

This next movie, “Home Alone,” by Chris Colombus, is about a boy who was left home during the Christmas vacation. He finds a way to feed, protect, and celebrate a Christmas, home alone. With the more traditional side, we have, “The Polar Express,” by Steve Starkley, which is about children who are on a mission to go to the north pole to see Santa. It is full of songs, dances, and so much more!

“A Charlie Brown Christmas,” is a classic on it’s own. This movie is full of friendship and love and will put you in the Christmas mood!

“Four Christmases,” by Reese Witherspoon, is about a couple who makes an excuse every Christmas just so they don’t have to go to their parents. But, after four Christmases, it puts them into a different mindset.

“The Christmas Specials,” by Universal Home Video are three movies about the characters of Christmas, in clay. They show how all of the Christmas songs began.

“A Christmas Carol,” is a great classic about a man Scrooge, hates the idea of Christmas and the ghosts of past, future, and present show him that Christmas isn’t bad. Speaking of hating Christmas, “The Grinch,” is another great classic. It’s about a green creature who hates Christmas and decides to steal all the Whos Christmas’s.

“Santa Claus,” by Tim Allen is about the adventures of Santa Claus!

Finally, “Christmas with the Kranks,” by Joe Roth is about a couple who decides saving money and going on a cruise instead of Christmas is a great idea. They have to deal with crazy neighbors, guilt, and each other the whole season. This Christmas, all of these movies would be great to watch!