Christmas Couple: Unwrapped


Joselin Esparza

If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit yet and you’re tired of every predictable Christmas movie then I would definitely recommend watching the movie “Christmas Couple: Unwrapped”. Most Christmas movies are usually the same; something goes wrong and at the end they fall in love. However, this movie is a bit different. Hints the name of it “ Unwrapped”. The movie was created in the winter of 2019 stating actress, Libby G Parker and actor, Michael Estridge. 

If you haven’t watched the trailer before, then you’re missing out. The movie is about a city girl who comes to town for Christmas with her parents, although her parents had been a little busy and hired Jake as Noels personal driver. Noel and her parents always go to the Christmas market to remain the Christmas spirit, However Jake took their spot for this year. Jake and Noel did not really have a good connection until Noel found a script and noticed she’s in a movie. Noel tells Jake and throughout their adventure their friendship grew more and more. Noel and Jake try to find their ways out. 

The movie was produced by Julian Mercado & Magnus Marthaler & Darien Jewel and screenwriter by Jackson Brouce. These boys are Coast Union graduates who have a dream to become directors, screen writers and cinematographers. Some current Coast Union students worked on it as well. Joselin Esparza who is a senior at coast was the makeup artist and Carson Westie who is also a senior at Coast and he took care of the audio. The movie will be released on the 18 of December at 8:00pm on TFT’s YouTube channel. The team will also be selling a physical DVD or Blu-Rays.