How Alumni Betsy Plascencia turned a Hobby Into A Business


Mini Boxes are sold in sets of 4!

Karolina Lizaola, Writer

During the three month of quarantine it was hard for everyone to stay sane with nothing to do but worry about everything going on in the world. Coast Union Alumni, Betsy Plascensia, graduated in 2009 and now works as a nutrition educator with an emphasis on low-income schools. Plascencia has been working from home since march so she took it upon herself to find a way to take a break from her computer screen. So she found a way to turn her love of cheese and wine into her own small business, Stellar Cellar Boards.. After growing up watching her father manage and own restaurants from San Simeon to Paso Robles “inspired me to someday own a business of my own” Placensia says in an instagram post.
She started up in September to fill up some of her extra time but after Thanksgiving and with Christmas coming up she has been very busy with orders. After watching her work it is very noticeable that she puts a lot of time and effort into her platters and boxes. She is very attentive to details from color to taste and fun decorations in her platters. Price varies from $40 to $130, you can message Stellar Cellar on facebook, instagram @stellarcellarboards or email [email protected]