Senior Stress


anonymousbronco, Writer

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a happy new year. After such a hectic year it only makes sense to start it off with chaos. As students in this day and age it’s hard to only have the usual stress that comes with being a high school student. But there is a lot that a student can feel overwhelmed, especially when it comes to being a senior.

Once high school comes to an end there is a lot to be worried about. First, which I think is the most obvious and important one, College or University stress. As soon as you start as a senior you are surrounded by career and school advice which makes your anxiety be at an all time high. This is a time where everyone has an opinion on what they think you should do after high school. It is also a time where you worry about whether or not you will make your parents proud. worrying about whether you know what you want to do with the rest of your life and that you won’t make a mistake you will regret later on. It’s easy to become fed up with it all and give up, but it is important to look ahead of it all and really just do what makes you happy and never forget that everything happens for a reason. 


So far I have tried to come up with as many things that i think we all could be struggling with, so one or two submissions could be very helpful. Remember to keep your head up because we got a lot more to live.

Xoxo, B <3

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