Local Radio Station KTEA Seeks to Renew License– a Look Back at it’s 18 Year History

Connor Baumgardner, Author

The local Cambrian radio station 103.5 KTEA recently applied for a license renewal, as it’s term was coming to an end this December. As such, it seems a good time to look back on the station’s history. 

KTEA was conceptualized by James Kampschroer in late 2003, and aired for the first time in November of that same year. The station had a focus on songs of the 1930s up through the 1950s, but as time went on they began transitioning towards music of the 1940s-1695, as per their old website. The station was relatively involved with the community, and often had live DJs or programs going on– for example, “Mc Finn’s Music With a European Flavor”, which aired on weekday mornings. 

For a time in 2012, the station was leased to a company named “Post Rock Communications”. In their time running the station, they quickly made many large changes– for example, rebranding the station to “Magic 103.5”, and changing the call sign, which was originally named after Kampschroer’s granddaughter. After a short time, the station was returned to its original owner. 

In Late 2014, the station once again met a new owner– this time, they were named Robert Adelman. While the station’s identity itself wasn’t heavily altered this go-around, it’s tone still faced a large shift. The era of music slid another 20 years, bringing the station from the 40s-60s over to the 60s-70s, with a heavy focus on easy listening. Where one may have once heard Elvis Presley’s “(It’s a) Long Lonely Highway”, they’ll now hear songs like Al Stewart’s “Year of the Cat”. At the same time as the purchase of KTEA, the local “BOB FM” was also put on air by Adelman Broadcasting, and they moved their center of operations for both stations from a house near the J. Patrick House to the suite they currently preside in, near the Cookie Crock. 

While the station has undergone many changes over the years, it has still maintained most of its spirit and community presence.