CUHS Students Questioning the Support for Sports Besides Football


Alexandra Aguilar

CUHS students want answers. Football has been getting the most recognition above every other sport. Where is the same support and attention for other sports who are being neglected? This has been an ongoing argument throughout the whole school, due to the many sports that aren’t being talked about enough. Uniforms, money, and support are all topics that the students feel very strongly about but don’t feel heard. CUHS  classmates and alumni have said that this can be seen as a one-sided, unethical, and inexcusable move on the CUHS’ part. Although it is known that Boosters are a huge part of the funding that goes towards our high school and sports, this is a topic that needs to be addressed and we are going to find answers. 

Things at coast tend to stay steady and don’t often change. Some football players agree with the kind of injustice that other sports are experiencing. A football player (who also plays other sports) shared, “Even I can notice that football gets more than soccer.” He mentions that although football is considered to be more popular throughout the U.S., we should make other sports more popular here at CUHS. Football is advertised much more than any other sport. Football is known nationwide and it is a sport that many play and view  on television. We even have an astonishing homecoming week and the awaited homecoming game. Students have noticed that soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, softball, or cross country don’t get the same amount of attention and support. 

Several students provided feedback on this issue. There were some interviews this week with a couple of the students that have decided to remain unknown. A football player, “football does get a little more recognition, hoco season should be happening with other sports.” Guadalupe Carbajal, a soccer player at Coast Union High School said,“The support part is all on Coast Union’s back because each sport should have the same kind of recognition.” Manuel Contreras Aguilar, a regular student that doesn’t participate in sports said,  “You have to do what benefits the ratings, it’s good to support other teams.”