Caldor Fire has Left 782 Homes Destroyed, many remain Threatened.

Brianna Frickman, Author

The Caldor fire, active in south Lake Tahoe, has brought flames to over 215,000 acres of forest and continues to grow. Firefighters have been battling the flames since August 14, 2021. The reason as to how this fire started is still currently under investigation. 

Due to strong winds, the fire grew rapidly and remains at 67 percent contained. Over 40,000 people have been evacuated, some have been able to go back to their homes, while others are left without one. 

The Caldor fire has left 782 known homes destroyed, as well as around 203 other small structures. Over 33,000 buildings remain threatened by the flames. Five people have been reported injured, one of those being a Stanislaus county firefighter. No deaths have been reported.

 The Caldor fire has left an impact on not only the forests/trees of South Lake Tahoe, but the residents and their homes as well. Fighter fighters have been able to lead the fire away from certain areas to help preserve as many homes and other structures as possible. Crews are starting cleanups along the highways to help restore what has been destroyed.

Fire behaviorist Jake Cagle states to NBC News,“Things are looking good.“ Although the fire is currently at 67 percent contained, the cooler weather has helped the fire department with battling the flames.

 He also states,”There’s still a lot of heat out there. There’s still a lot of hot timber. There’s still a lot of tree stumps. There’s still a lot of potential for this fire to get a move on us.” Evacuations are slowly being lifted allowing families to return to their homes with the warning to be ready to leave in case the Caldor fire changes paths.

According to the article by Chris Hagen and Mike Hagerty in the capradio, operations section chief Kyle Jacobson said, “We understand it’s very difficult being out of your homes and we’re doing everything we can to get residents back in their homes as soon as possible.”