Is the Queen Mary truly Haunted?

Brianna Frickman and Lysha Figueroa

The Queen Mary

Do the spirits of the deceased still roam the empty halls of Queen Mary? The tragic history of this ship draws in youtubers, creators, and anyone around the world looking to experience the paranormal. The question still remains: Is this mysterious ship actually haunted, or is it all an act?

  The Queen Mary was built in Clydebank, Scotland  in 1929 and was completed  in 1935. Now, is located in Los Angeles, California, and is being used as a hotel. Locals and tourists believe it is one of the most haunted locations in the world. There are however, some who believe it is all just made up ghost stories. The evidence makes it nearly impossible to deny the fact spirits may still be walking the halls of Queen Mary.

The Queen Mary started as an Atlantic ocean liner and was converted into a troop transport not long after. After World War 2, the ship carried many soldiers whose lives tragically ended aboard the ship. This is the main belief as to why there are so many paranormal sightings. To this day, guests check into this hotel to experience the madness for themselves.

The most popular room to check into, State Room B340, is reported to be the most active room on site. Reports date back to 1967 of guests claiming to experience knockings on the door and lights flickering. The most recent accident on the ship was on April 17 ,2019. A woman booked a room at Queen Mary in room B340, not knowing it was the most haunted room. Later that night she stated that she was alone, then out of nowhere there was scratching on the wall. She claimed,”there was just no other living person in the room with me.”(

With all the evidence, some still remain unconvinced of this ship being haunted. Some choose to believe ghosts are not real and every incident or report has a scientific reasoning behind it. However, there is too much evidence to simply rule out the idea of Queen Mary not being haunted. The spirits aboard the Queen Mary have been checked into this ship for decades and do not seem to be checking out anytime soon.